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She was way pretty, even in that awful movie.
So this is the tale of how I got suspended from work... This lady came into the store with her friends and they were shopping. I was on the floor so it was my job to help them. They were all really pretty but the main one was sssssssuper pretty. She was out for the first time in a long time. She had a white sleeveless top on and her purse was doing that crazy hot strap between the books thing. Ohhh my gosh that drives me crazy.  Anyways they were having a conversation about breastfeeding and how she misses it because her child doesn't do it anymore.  While they were having this chat I was wrapping the fragile stuff they bought and because for some dumb reason our wrapping station is in the middle of the sales floor I was like right in the middle of them. She was behind me and started playing with my hair (another thing I lllloooooove). In the middle of talking she said "she's got lovely hair."  Sometimes women treat us mean, like we are servants or beneath them when we are helping them at work but this was different, this was like I was a play thing and I found it a massive turn on... So anyways... She starts saying his much she misses breastfeeding and how close and intimate and lovely it is and she wishes she had someone to keep doing that with... So I turned around and said I would do it. yeah, that did not go over so well. The people at the corporate office didn't take kindly to that either. 
"send me DM's or I'll post your Facebook" ... You're doing it wrong. That's not how to blackmail famous girls, models, actresses, cam girls, grocery store check out girls, the cute blonde hairdresser, that girl who sells soap, or anyone else for that matter. You blackmail people in power, not hot actresses. Send a copy of those pictures you got of the senior senator from Nebraska doing a line of coke off a confused young boy's smooth buttocks to him in exchange for money. That's how it works. Make it a one time thing,  you get your cash and you leave. Don't keep going to that well, or they will have to deal with you in the concrete galoshes kind of way. ...oh, and bare in mind you will never blackmail your way into anyone's inner circle, or heart.  You are never going to sleep with that prettty adult film actress you've developed a weird unnatural crush on by posting her private info to the world. You can't get into a girls heart(or her mouth) by making life annoying for her and her family and her aunt, and her neighbors, and her high school teachers, and her hairdresser. That plan will fail. Jesus, are you new? Think it through J. Edgar Hoover. Oh... And, there might be other fans with bigger emotional investments in her than you, who will harm you to impress her...  that's not good either, but... I'm not ever gonna sleep with my stalker, but I'll totally give some hand action to the guy that beats him up.
*Slight disclaimer* For the sake of journalistic integrity, I don't have any stalkers (that I am aware of). Randomly beating up someone will not guarantee a hand job.
Whatever this is, it's just gross. Have some more plastic surgery on your face, geezzzz.
Where are all the redheads? I have not seen a single one since I've been here! NYC better start importing gingers, pronto. Enough with the Italian hair while you're at it too.
Here's what I've learned on my NYC scholastic adventure so far:

  • Researcher #1 likes his coffee from Starbucks with 6 pumps of vanilla SIX PUMPS and Researcher #2 likes the coffee from the independent coffee house down the street.
  • Neither one of those two fuckers will compromise and get their coffee from the other's place. Even if they were to alternate which place they go each day.
  • To suggest they comprise will be met with disgust and mockery.
The girl who was gonna help me with my requested blog got sick, so here's a picture of Kate Upton in a silly hat with a horse.  Oh I do love me some Kate in a silly hat. ...I hope my research partner gets well soon... If not I will do the blog anyways. :)
Oh my gosh! I totally got a blog topic request today! ... and not one of those "you should talk about your boobs" requests I get like every other day... We're talking about a real request. So Cool. I'm going to take a moment or two and do some research, scientific research.  Now this is a difficult thing, because we all know about the pervasive gender bias in scientific research. It's a tough task, one that may involve danger and extreme personal risk. But I am willing. I can't half ass a requested blog!

...oh, and they are nice and soft and jiggle when I laugh and in 5 to 6 years they will be the perfect amount of like 10 years they might be icky.